Political Dynamics of Grassroots Democracy in Vietnam

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  • Hai Hong Nguyen

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About this book


In Political Dynamics of Grassroots Democracy in Vietnam, Hai Hong Nguyen takes a new approach to evaluating the ongoing implementation of grassroots democracy in Vietnam's one-party state. He explores the resilience, reinforced legitimacy, and survival of the Communist Party of Vietnam as the ruling party, as well as its impacts on potential local governance reforms in the future. Employing extensive field research and case studies from the Thái Bình, H?ng Yên, and ?à N?ng provinces, Nguyen investigates the correlation between independent variables and grassroots democracy to demonstrate that grassroots democracy has created a mutually empowering mechanism for both the party-state and the peasantry.


Vietnam grassrootsdemocracy CommunistPartyofVietnam modernizationtheory humanempowermenttheory Asia Asian culture communism Communist Party of Vietnam culture democracy empowerment grassroots democracy human empowerment theory modernization theory political communication political science political theory politics

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