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Understanding Pornographic Fiction

Sex, Violence, and Self-Deception


Table of contents

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    Pages i-ix
  2. Charles O. Nussbaum
    Pages 25-53
  3. Charles O. Nussbaum
    Pages 102-150
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 151-187

About this book


This work defends two main theses. First, modern Western pornographic fiction functions as a self-deceptive vehicle for sexual or blood-lustful arousal; and second, that its emergence owes as much to Puritan Protestantism and its inner- or this-worldly asceticism as does the emergence of modern rationalized capitalism.


Pornography obscenity sex violence self-deception Protestant ethic speech acts moral psychology discourse fiction morality protestantism Puritan resistance understanding

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About the authors

Charles O. Nussbaum received his PhD in Philosophy in 1988 from Emory University, USA. He has taught at Northwestern University, Northern Michigan University, and is currently Professor of Philosophy at UT Arlington. His publications include The Musical Representation and papers on the philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and Kant.

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