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Intuitive Knowing as Spiritual Experience

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About this book


This book is Wiebe's defense of the claim that a significant form of spiritual experience is found in 'knowing something we have no right to know'. He selects forty-five first-hand accounts from a data-base at the University of Wales to make his case, and, in solidarity with those people, recounts something of his own experience.


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About the authors

Phillip H. Wiebe is the former Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy, and former Dean of Arts and Religious Studies at Trinity Western University, Canada. He is the author of God and Other Spirits and Visions of Jesus. His primary areas of research are in philosophy of religion and science and epistemology.

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'This is a thoughtful and engaging volume that makes a significant contribution not only to the philosophy of religion but to epistemology.' - William Sweet, St Francis Xavier University, Canada

'This marvelously informative book reminds us that, in matters religious or spiritual, scientific experimentation may limit our vision of what we can know.' - Ralph Wilbur Hood, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, USA

'This book is both autobiography and philosophical argument. Despite being educated in the most rigorously skeptical and secular university environments, Wiebe came to take seriously a range of experiences routinely ignored or superficially and inadequately 'explained' by those in the Academy. His reflections on the implications of such experiences and his account of how they have influenced the development of his Christian faith over many years make for worthwhile reading.' - Robert A. Larmer, University of New Brunswick, Canada

"Already established as an accomplished philosopher, Wiebe shows that modern science might have distracted us from grasping that there is another kind of knowledge that does not repudiate science but instead reveals another reality. We have long needed this profoundly insightful and deeply challenging book." - Graham H. Twelftree, Regent University, USA