Ecocriticism and Geocriticism

Overlapping Territories in Environmental and Spatial Literary Studies

  • Editors
  • Robert T. TallyJr
  • Christine M. Battista

Part of the Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies book series (GSLS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Introduction: Ecocritical Geographies, Geocritical Ecologies, and the Spaces of Modernity

  3. Trans-Theoretical Practices

  4. Surveying Territories

  5. Ecocritical Explorations

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 207-214

About this book


The contributors to Ecocriticism and Geocriticism survey the overlapping territories of these critical practices, demonstrating through their diversity of interests, as well as their range of topics, texts, periods, genres, methods, and perspectives, just how rich and varied ecocritical and geocritical approaches can be. As diffuse 'schools' of criticism, ecocriticism and geocriticism represent two relatively recent discourses through which literary and cultural studies have placed renewed emphasis on the lived environment, social and natural spaces, spatiotemporality, ecology, history, and geography. These loosely defined practices have also fostered politically engaged inquiries into the ways that humans not only represent, but also organize the spaces and places in which they, their fellow humans, and many other forms of life must dwell. These essays exemplify the ways in which critics may bring environmental and spatial literary studies to bear on each other, enabling readers to looks at both literature and their surroundings differently.


Ecology environmental literature anthropocene postcolonial climate change

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