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The Early Years
analyzes the development of Latin American and Caribbean children and makes a compelling case for government intervention in what is instinctively a family affair. Spending on effective programs for young children is an investment that, if done well, will have very high returns, while failure to implement such programs will lower the returns on the hefty investments being made in primary, secondary, and higher education. Policies for young children belong at the core of a country's development agenda, alongside policies to develop infrastructure and strengthen institutions. However, if the services provided (or funded) by governments are to benefit children, they must be substantially better than what is currently being delivered in the region. This book offers suggestions for improving public policy in this critical area.


Latin America and the Caribbean Child Development Early Childhood Development Public Policy Breastfeeding Parenting Daycare Childcare Pre-primary schooling Early schooling Cost-Benefit Public Expenditure Social Expenditure Education Health Social Protection Conditional Cash Transfers Infant Mortality Stunting Language child development childhood children development early childhood economics education Government government intervention intervention primary school

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