American Exceptionalism Revisited

US Political Development in Comparative Perspective

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  • Axel Hadenius

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    Pages i-vii
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    Pages 1-5
  3. Axel Hadenius
    Pages 153-174
  4. Axel Hadenius
    Pages 175-193
  5. Axel Hadenius
    Pages 195-205
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 207-237

About this book


American Exceptionalism Revisited provides a broad overview of the various features that signify American politics. These include the upholding of an exceptional political stability, involving a particular balance between legislative, executive and judicial powers, and the permanence of a unique party system. Furthermore, special traits in the electoral realm?e.g., voter turnout, the inflow of money, and the application of primaries?are targets of analysis. Through comparisons with conditions applying abroad, particularly in Europe and Latin America, Axel Hadenius reveals a number of new insights on American political life, both today and over time


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