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Laws Relating to Sex, Pregnancy, and Infancy

Issues in Criminal Justice

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Laws Relating to Sex, Pregnancy, and Infancy examines case law and legislation in regards to reproduction, pregnancy, and infancy. Cusack explores the winding pathways of legal precedence and action on the social conditions of pregnancy and childbirth, and draws from criminal and court procedures and behavioral science to determine if the law is acting in the best interest of those vulnerable populations. Cusack surveys interpersonal, familial, and societal problems presented throughout history and currently facing contemporary generations, questioning whether the criminal justice system can evolve to support the growing needs of its citizens most in need of legal assistance.


First Amendment Fourteenth Amendment Fifth Amendment parental rights Due Process children's rights fetal rights sex nonconsensual insemination international adoption HIV-transmission crack baby statutory rape Planned Parenthood birth control abortion Margaret Sanger Comstock Act morality consent criminal justice drugs violence

About the authors

Carmen M. Cusack is Instructor of Criminal Justice at Nova Southeastern University, USA.

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“Carmen M. Cusack argues that personal, social, governmental, and interpersonal perspectives on pregnancy are contextualized by environmental conditions, such as culture, relative morality, law enforcement, Constitutional rights, and sociopsychology. … Laws Relating to Sex, Pregnancy and Infancy will be immensely valuable as a textbook for students, handbook for scholars, and of general interest to specialists, such as medical and social services practitioners, criminal justice professionals, and people planning to become parents, undoubtedly.” (Journal of Law and Social Deviance, Vol. 10, 2015)