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Inequality in Gifted and Talented Programs

Parental Choices About Status, School Opportunity, and Second-Generation Segregation

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Part of the Palgrave Studies in Urban Education book series (PSUE)

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Inequality in Gifted and Talented Programs examines the relationship between gifted and talented (G&T) education, school choice, and racialized tracking within New York City elementary schools. Roda examines parental attitudes around placing their children in a racially diverse elementary school with segregated G&T and General Education programs.


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Allison Roda is Postdoctoral Research Associate and part-time Instructor at Rutgers University, USA.

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"Schools across America have frequently misinterpreted privilege (especially the privilege of having well educated, affluent parents) with giftedness. In this important new book Roda brings an equity lens to the discussion of gifted education and raises important questions and concerns about the underrepresentation of low-income children of color. For educators and parents who understand the importance of ensuring that all children are challenged to achieve their potential, this book will be both enlightening and insightful. Now more than ever our schools need to be focused on cultivating the gifts and talents in every child." - Pedro A. Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Development, New York University, USA

"This book deepens our understanding about the ways in which privilege and power are maintained by school choice and gifted education programs. This is an important book for everyone who seeks equity and social justice and recognizes the contradictions between espoused philosophies of inclusion and diversity and school policies that sort, segregate and maintain educational elitism." - Mara Sapon-Shevin, Professor of Inclusive Education, Syracuse University, USA

"Roda provides an in-depth and nuanced examination of the ways in which everyday choices by white and privileged parents can undermine equitable schooling and opportunities for all children. Challenging the prevailing, and often simplistic market logics that shape school choice policies, Roda carefully demonstrates that all choices are not created equal, and that the execution of choice to better position some children can leave others with far more racially segregated and unequal schooling. She calls for a more robust set of public and educational policies that re-commit our schools to the ongoing democratic project of full racial and socioeconomic integration, toward a vision of democratic schooling and society that stands to benefit us all." - Janelle Scott, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education & African American Studies, University of California, Berkeley, USA