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The Disputatious Caribbean

The West Indies in the Seventeenth Century

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About this book


This history of the 'Torrid Zone' offers a comprehensive and powerfully rich exploration of the 17th century Anglophone Atlantic world, overturning British and American historiographies and offering instead a vernacular history that skillfully negotiates diverse locations, periodizations, and the fraught waters of ethnicity and gender.


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About the authors

Sarah Barber is a Senior Lecturer of History at Lancaster University, UK.

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“Sarah Barber’s examination of what was called the ‘torrid zone’ between Carolina and the sun-drenched islands near the equator brings what life was during the seventeenth century there in a way that is both concise and complete. This is a book will be a valuable addition to the libraries of researchers trying to construct a fuller picture of who those original settlers of Carolina were. … Barber’s book is a slim volume, but one packed with valuable information.” (Carolina Chronicles Magazine, June, 2016)