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Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations

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Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations links biblically-based principles to the study of organizational practices by examining topics including motives, meaningful work, and spiritual leadership from a biblical perspective integrated with findings from contemporary research.


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James Whittington is Professor of Management at the University of Dallas.

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"J. Lee Whittington has the unique combination of depth of Biblical knowledge and practical leadership experience that makes him one of the most insightful advisors in my own life. The perspectives and principals in this book have shaped and influenced my leadership in a remarkable way. Anyone interested in becoming a better Christ centered leader or creating a Biblically centered leadership culture should read this book." -Terry Storch, Digerati Leader and Pastor at

"Here is a nuanced but also encyclopedic overview of leadership perspectives contained within Judeo-Christian scriptures. Whittington's makes accessible in this one reference interpretative perspectives from a wide variety of biblical sources. By doing so the author opens for the reader a door to the scriptural heritage that undergirds much Western leadership thinking. Readers from other religious and wisdom traditions will find inspiration as well as provocation in the author's sharply formulated summative conclusions (Chapter 7)" Andre L Delbecq, Senior Fellow, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, Santa Clara University, USA

"J. Lee Whittington draws on his extensive background in secular and Christian leadership to explore the implications of spiritual leadership for contemporary organizations. Leadership scholars of the past have largely ignored the insights that abound in scripture regarding the mission, motives and methods unique to spiritual leadership. Whittington shines a fresh light on these concepts. He examines leadership examples, principles and practices that are demonstrated by metaphors, actions and teaching of Bible leaders. This book is of great value to scholars and practitioners alike." -Jerry C Wofford, PhD, Founder and President, Training Centers for Church Planters

"Many typical Christian leadership books out today just throw in a couple of Bible verses on top of secular business principles and call it blessed. What Lee Whittington accomplishes is to weave solid biblical exegesis on leadership principles with the latest in contemporary organizational leadership research, with a focus on the spiritual nature of all leadership. Both the pastor and the business leader alike will benefit from this book's refreshing insights." -Dr. George M. Hillman, Chair of Educational Ministries and Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary,USA

"Dr. Whittington's book on leadership and organizations skillfully and thoroughly explores that often untapped resource, God's indwelling Spirit. When we undertake this joint venture with the Spirit our leadership is empowered and lives are changed. This book provides a Biblically sound overview of the Spirit's role and ministry, along with what it means to 'walk in the Spirit.' Dr. Whittington provides insight into those who have served as models of genuine spiritual leadership." Dale Larson, Vice President for Business and Finance, Dallas Theological Seminary, USA

"It is clear that J. Lee is both a Biblical and a leadership scholar who has used his skills to create a Christian, spiritual model of leadership ? one that focuses on Paul's leadership as an apostle of Jesus Christ. The implications of leading from the Holy Spirit as Paul did suggest the opportunity for leaders and their followers to become more Christ-like, guided by genuine motives and ethical methods to the benefit of all in their walk with Christ." Dr. Vicki L. Goodwin, Professor Emeritus, University of North Texas, USA