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Urban Multiculture

Youth, Politics and Cultural Transformation in a Global City


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  2. Malcolm James
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    Pages 156-168
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 169-202

About this book


This book explores the transformation of youth and urban culture in neoliberal Britain. Focusing on the reconfiguration of urban culture in relation to race, marginalization and youth politics, James examines the shifting formations of memory, territory, cultural performance and politics.


youth race urban culture media performance multiculture marginalization politics East London Figuration memory transformation

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.University of SussexUK

About the authors

Malcolm James is a Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex, UK and Associate Director of the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies, UK. He is co-editor of New Racial Landscapes and also works with local partners in outer East London on youth engagement and civil rights.

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“The book considers memory, territory and cultural practice, thinking through how the politics of class and race, alongside the lived experience of young people in the area, are being reconfigured by technology. … The book demonstrates the importance of ethnographic research, both to how we understand and do politics, and to how we understand the contemporary city. It will be of interested to any scholar of urban studies, as well as those working on youth, race and class.” (Dave O’Brien, New Books network,, May, 2016)