Economic Systems of Innovation in the Arab Region

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The Arab region has become a hotbed of economic growth in recent decades. While this growth has indisputably brought in wealth, there are still countless questions about the characteristics, constraints, and implications of the region's systems of innovation. Do these systems even exist in the Arab region? How does the current economic structure affect regional innovation? Is the presence of natural resources a help or a hindrance? Economic Systems of Innovation in the Arab Region discusses the causes, consequences, and implications of poor systems of innovation in the Middle East and North Africa. By examining the comparative weakness of innovation, the economic structure, and the diversity of the region, Nour shows that the development of Arab regional systems of innovation is contingent upon the development of adequate economic policies and incentives in the area. Her contribution is key for students and scholars of economics, innovation, and international relations.


Education S&T R&D Systems of Innovation Arab Region Economic Structure natural resources based-economies rent-seeking economies diversification Sustainable Development development Economic Development economic growth growth innovation international relations research & development (R&D)

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