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Napoleon’s Empire

European Politics in Global Perspective

  • Ute Planert

Part of the War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850 book series (WCS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. 1 Napoleon and Beyond: Reshaping Power in Europe and the World

  3. The Heart of the Empire: Histories and Historiographies

  4. Re-Defining Imperial Order: The Ibero-Atlantic Area

  5. Restructuring the Baltic Sea: Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

About this book


The Napoleonic Empire played a crucial role in reshaping global landscapes and in realigning international power structures on a worldwide scale. When Napoleon died, the map of many areas had completely changed, making room for Russia's ascendency and Britain's rise to world power.


Napoleon European history Nationalism French Revolution Napoleonic France Imperialism Austria Britain empire Europe European Politic European Politics France historiography history restoration revolution Russia Spain

Editors and affiliations

  • Ute Planert
    • 1
  1. 1.University of WuppertalGermany

About the editors

Virginia H. Aksan, McMaster University, Canada Jean-René Aymes, Université Paris III, France Lucia Maria Bastos Pereira das Neves, Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil Emmanuel Berger, Université de Namur, Belgium Michael Broers, University of Oxford, UK Jaros?aw Czubaty, University of Warsaw, Poland Brecht Deseure, Universität Passau, Germany Max Engman, Åbo Akademi University, Finland Bård Frydenlund, University of Oslo, Norway Bernard Gainot, Université Paris I, France Rasmus Glenthøj, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark Jean-Marcel Humbert, Independent Scholar, France Johan Joor, International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Annie Jourdan, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Armin Owzar, University of Paris 3 (Sorbonne Nouvelle), France Anna Maria Rao, University of Naples 'Federico II', Italy Stefan Rinke, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Martin P. Schennach, University of Innsbruck, Austria Denis Sdvizkov, German Historical Institute in Moscow, Russia Marko Trogrli?, University of Split, Croatia Peter Vodopivec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Josip Vrande?i?, University of Split, Croatia

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“The book’s strengths is the extensive coverage of the epoch-making events in the Baltic region in the period which have generally been neglected in the English-language scholarship. … this fascinating and challenging collection of essays is a pleasure to read throughout.” (John Dunne, French History, Vol. 33 (2), 2019)

"Divided into four geographic sections inclusive of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South America and the Ottoman Empire, this volume opens and closes with two outstanding scholars who provide provocative presentations of Napoleon's European Empire, and each chapter inbetween offers interesting and important contributions to the multifaceted reach of the Napoleonic experiment. A brilliant collection on this rich era of transformation." - Katherine Aaslestad, West Virginia University, USA

"This excellent and original collection of twenty two essays by leading Napoleonic scholars analyses the global impact of the Napoleonic Empire. The articles very competently address the historiography and profound transformations and legacy the Napoleonic era launched throughout Europe, the Atlantic World, and the Middle East." Alexander Grab, University of Maine, USA