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Relating Hegel’s Science of Logic to Contemporary Philosophy


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About this book


This book offers an interpretation of certain Hegelian concepts, and their relevance to various themes in contemporary philosophy, which will allow for a non-metaphysical understanding of his thought, further strengthening his relevance to philosophy today by placing him in the midst of current debates.


Hegel Metaphysics German Idealism Epistemology Neo-Pragmatism Negativity Donald Davidson experience Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Immanuel Kant metaphysics truth understanding

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About the authors

Luis Guzman is Part-Time Associate Teaching Professor at the New School. He earned his Ph.D at The New School for Social Research and has taught philosophy at Hofstra U., NYU, LIU, and U. Nacional de Colombia (Bogota). Guzman has authored and translated (from Spanish and German) articles on Aristotle, Plato, Hegel, Schelling, Benjamin and skepticism.

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