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Changing Employee Behavior


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About this book


An important part of every manager's job is changing people's behavior: to improve someone's performance, get them to better manage relationships with colleagues, or to stop them doing something. Yet, despite the fact that changing people's behavior is such an important skill for managers, too many are unsure how to actually go about it. This book reveals the simple, but powerful techniques for changing behavior that experts from a range of disciplines have been using for years, making them available to all managers in a single and comprehensive toolkit for change that managers can use to drive and improve the performance of their staff. Based on research conducted for this book, it introduces practical techniques drawn from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioral economics, and show how they can be applied to address some of the most common, every-day challenges that managers face. #changingpeople


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About the authors

Nik Kinley is a Director and Head of Talent Strategy for the global Talent Management consultancy YSC. Prior to YSC Nik was the Global Head of Assessment for the BP Group, and prior to that, Head of Learning for Barclays GRBF. He has specialized in the fields of assessment and behavior change for nearly twenty five years, and in this time has worked with CEOs, factory-floor workers, life-sentence prisoners, government officials and children.

Shlomo Ben-Hur is an organizational psychologist and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the IMD business school in Switzerland. He has more than 20 years of corporate experience in senior executive positions including Vice President of Leadership Development and Learning for the BP Group, and Chief Learning Officer for DaimlerChrysler Services.

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'With their terrific MAPS model, the authors offer insights, tools, techniques, examples, and assessments that will help any leader to change employee behavior. Rapid change has become the new normal, and this book is a tremendous asset for leaders who want to become architects of change in the 21st century. Congratulations to the authors for writing this masterpiece.'

-Nick van Dam, PhD, Global Chief Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company

'An invaluable primer and compelling resource on change and behavior for managers, HR professionals, and leaders everywhere.'

-Jonathan Donner, VP Global Learning and Capability Development, Unilever plc

'This is not just another book about change management; it is about human beings and how and why they change, and is packed with great tools and insights for creating the right context to lead sustainable change in both business and day-to-day life.'

-Fausto Palumbo, VP Head of Corporate Training & Learning, Nestlé

'Elegantly combines theory with practice and packed full of tools that managers can experiment with.'

-Kim Lafferty, Vice President Global Leadership Development, GlaxoSmithKline

'This book tells us how to change behavior without swapping existing employees for new ones.'

-Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer, Wipro