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Digital Online Culture, Identity, and Schooling in the Twenty-First Century

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Part of the New Frontiers in Education, Culture, and Politics book series (NFECP)

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About this book


Digital Online Culture, Identity and Schooling in the Twenty-First Century provides a cultural, ideological critique of identity construction in the context of virtualization. Kimberly Rosenfeld explores the growing number of people who no longer reside in one physical reality but live, work, and play in multiple realities. Rosenfeld's critique of neo-liberal practices in the digital environment brings to light the on-going hegemonic and counter-hegemonic battles over control of education in the digital age. Rosenfeld draws conclusions for empowering the population through schooling, and how it should understand, respond to, and help individuals live out the information revolution.


Identity information revolution virtual schooling virtual reality virtual culture virtualization online culture symbolic interactionism critical theory cultural studies celebrity culture going viral ontological state ontological distinction social mutation neoliberal agenda neoliberal education policies neoliberalism education reform postmodern ontological state computer education Online schooling

About the authors

Kimberly N. Rosenfeld is Professor in the Speech Department at Cerritos College, USA.

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"Rosenfeld has delivered a powerfully written book that moves beyond a simple fascination with the digital world to offer a framework for understanding and reinventing schooling at the cusp of the information revolution. I love the concept of a critical theory of technology for schooling as a call to action for educators to engage our corporate media hegemony and to promote cultures of youth production and exchange that help all students to develop the skills and sensibilities that they will need to live and thrive in the world today." - Ernest Morrell, Professor of Education, Columbia University, USA

"Rosenfeld's ground-breaking book Digital Online Culture, Identity, and Schooling in the Twenty-First Century provides illuminating critical analyses of today's youth and cybercitizens experiences in the new and evolving virtual and digital culture. The text surveys many theories and dimensions of the digital online culture and its impacts on education, identity, and social life, proposing some ways that digital online culture can help transform education and engage us all in new learning processes." - Douglas Kellner, George F. Kneller Chair in the Philosophy of Education, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, and author of Media Spectacle and Insurrection, 2011: From the Arab Uprisings to Occupy Everywhere and Cinema Wars (2012).