Behavioural Genetics for Education

  • Yulia Kovas
  • Sergey Malykh
  • Darya Gaysina

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Yulia Kovas, Tatiana Tikhomirova, Fatos Selita, Maria G. Tosto, Sergey Malykh
    Pages 1-23
  3. Jeffrey Henry, Michel Boivin, Mara Brendgen
    Pages 42-59
  4. Maja Rodic, Darya Gaysina, Sophia Docherty, Sergey Malykh, Kaili Rimfeld, Robert Plomin et al.
    Pages 77-95
  5. Claire M. A. Haworth
    Pages 113-129
  6. Anastasiya Kazantseva, Sergey Malykh, Elza Khusnutdinova
    Pages 130-154
  7. Elena Gindina, Darya Gaysina
    Pages 155-184
  8. Alice M. Gregory, Michael J. Parsons, Nicola L. Barclay, Philip Gehrman, Rachael E. O’Leary
    Pages 185-204
  9. Aigul Zainullina, Adelina Valiullina, Elza Khusnutdinova
    Pages 205-230
  10. Yulia Kovas, Sergey Malykh
    Pages 269-276
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 277-311

About this book


Educational environments interact with children's unique genetic profiles, leading to wide individual differences in learning ability, motivation, and achievement in different academic subjects – even when children study with the same teacher, attend the same school and follow the same curriculum. This book considers how education can benefit from the recent progress in genetically informative research. The book provides new insights into the origins of individual differences in education traits such as cognitive abilities and disabilities; motivation and personality; behavioural and emotional problems; social functioning; well-being, and academic achievement. Written and edited by international interdisciplinary experts, this book will be of interest to teachers, parents, educational and developmental psychologists, policy makers and researchers in different fields working on educationally-relevant issues.


Gene-environment Co-action Personalised education Child Development Interdisciplinary approaches Twin studies Molecular genetic studies Neuroscience Genetically informative research behavior development education mathematics Motivation neuroscience personality Verhaltensgenetik

Editors and affiliations

  • Yulia Kovas
    • 1
  • Sergey Malykh
    • 2
  • Darya Gaysina
    • 3
  1. 1.Goldsmiths, University of LondonUK
  2. 2.Russian Academy of EducationRussia
  3. 3.University of SussexUK

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