Technology of Oppression: Preserving Freedom and Dignity in an Age of Mass, Warrantless Surveillance

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  • Elliot┬áD.┬áCohen

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    Pages i-viii
  2. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 1-9
  3. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 32-46
  4. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 47-68
  5. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 69-84
  6. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 85-98
  7. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 99-111
  8. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 112-119
  9. Elliot D. Cohen
    Pages 120-127
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 128-146

About this book


In the aftermath of the Edward Snowden leaks, the Obama administration has been hard pressed to yield to greater transparency and openness to constructive change. This book provides a catalyst toward greater transparency, increased public awareness of the urgent need for constructive change, and the insight into what such change would require.


surveillance NSA National Security Agency FISA GCHQ FISC Edward Snowden Mark Klein privacy democracy spying espionage Total Information Awareness Patriot Act terrorism signals intelligence SIGINT net neutrality SAIC facial recognition awareness cyberspace freedom intelligence liberty technology transparency

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