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Mexican Public Intellectuals

  • Editors
  • Debra A. Castillo
  • Stuart A. Day

Part of the Literatures of the Americas book series (LOA)

About this book


In Mexico, the participation of intellectuals in public life has always been extraordinary, and for many the price can be high. Highlighting prominent figures that have made incursions into issues such as elections, human rights, foreign policy, and the drug war, this volume paints a picture of the ever-changing context of Mexican intellectualism.


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About the authors

Debra Ann Castillo is the Emerson-Hinchliff Professor of Hispanic Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University, USA.

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"Mexican Public Intellectuals is an essential resource for anyone interested in thought leadership. This incisive and compelling collection analyzes key figures among Mexico's 21st century 'intermedial intellectuals' who engage the public conscience by creatively blending political activism and critique with the power of spectacle." - Rebecca Biron, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College, USA

"Mexican Public Intellectuals is a dynamic contribution to the field of Mexican and Latin American studies. In the tradition of Rama's The Lettered City, this collection of essays elaborates on a contemporary debate, underscoring the importance and transformation of the role of intellectuals in the public sphere in the context of a Mexico that has transcended its postrevolutionary national condition." - Fernando Fabio Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Spanish, California Polytechnic State University, USA