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Intermarriage and Mixed Parenting, Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Crossover Love


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Marriages across ethnic borders are increasing in frequency, yet little is known of how discourses of 'normal' families, ethnicity, race, migration, globalisation affect couples and children involved in these mixed marriages. This book explores mixed marriage though intimate stories drawn from the real lives of visibly different couples.


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  1. 1.Roskilde UniversityDenmark

About the authors

Rashmi Singla is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology and Educational Research, Roskilde University, Denmark. She is part of the NGO-Transcultural Therapeutic Team for Ethnic Minority Youth and Families, and is involved in a number of international projects concerning health and globalisation. She has published widely on family/youth relationships and psychosocial intervention.

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“Rashmi Singla discusses the concept of intermarriage, its intersection with mental health, and well-being. … Singla’s work is pivotal. It greatly bridges connections between mental health practitioners, students, researchers, and faculty. This book is intended for anyone interested in intermarriage, interracial and intercultural couples, and related relationships (family, etc.).” (Gita Seshadri, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 61 (6), February, 2016)

'A valuable book full of insights into a complex field that is often ignored. It should be very helpful to professionals working in multicultural societies, especially to counsellors and psychotherapists, but also of interest to academics and indeed the general public.' - Suman Fernando, London Metropolitan University, UK

'Dr. Singla's book is a rich and significant contribution to the dearth of professional literature on the life experiences of intermarried couples and families. The global context within which this book is written broadens and transforms the discussion regarding love across ethnic boundaries. The information provided throughout the book offers far-reaching insights for practitioners in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy working with this ever-growing population around the world.' - Kelley R. Kenney, Kutztown University, USA

'This book makes an important contribution to understanding the intimate lives of people in mixed marriages.' - Lucy Williams, University of Kent, UK

'This book is very valuable for academics from the social sciences as well as lay persons interested in intercultural marriages and diaspora, both for information as well as intervention.' - Nandita Chaudhary, University of Delhi, India

'This book is a welcome and necessary addition to the growing literature on globalised lives. Taking as its point of departure the intimacy and experienced realities of cross-national couples, it is of great interest both empirically and theoretically.' - Marie-Louise Seeberg, Norwegian Social Research, Norway

'By presenting and discussing concepts, theories and empirical evidence the author provides important insights for practitioners and researchers interested in understanding the challenges and looking for ways of improving health and well-being for mixed couples and their off-springs.' - Allan Krasnik, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

'Drawing on the four global pillars of racial mixing, Singla shines a light on intermarried life and its accompanying challenges in the Danish context, and engages the persistent and everyday phenomenon of stigmatization of visible Others at the relational, familial, and societal levels.' - Kyle D. Killian, York University, Canada

'I would urge everyone who is interested in the issues related to race and ethnicity, specifically in the growth of mixed race communities in the Western Europe, to read this book.' - Derek Kassem, Liverpool John Moore University, UK