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Gypsy Stigma and Exclusion in Turkey, 1970

Social Dynamics of Exclusionary Violence

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  2. Gül Özateşler
    Pages 1-24
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    Pages 25-50
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    Pages 51-62
  5. Gül Özateşler
    Pages 63-112
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    Pages 113-162
  7. Gül Özateşler
    Pages 177-182
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 183-247

About this book


Using an oral history approach, this book draws on Gypsy and non-Gypsy narratives to tell the story of Gypsy forced dislocation from Bayramic, a northwestern town of Turkey, in 1970. Gül Özatesler examines memory construction, the categories of Gypsyness and Turkishness, and the different perspectives and positions that emerged, considering all in relation to underlying socioeconomic structure. The book reveals how ethnic and other identities can be deployed to conceal socioeconomic and political inequalities.


memory transformation violence

About the authors

Gül Özate?ler is a post-doctoral researcher at Social Policy Forum, Bo?aziçi University, Turkey.

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