Endgame for the Euro: A Critical History

  • Bill Lucarelli

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About this book


This text develops an original critical analysis of the origins and evolution of the euro and the current debt crisis that envelops the euro-zone. It provides a comprehensive critical historical narrative of the evolution of European Monetary Union (EMU). The history of the euro, culminating in the Maastricht blueprint in 1992, reveals that this deeply flawed monetary edifice was informed by the prevailing neoliberal/monetarist economic doctrines, favoured by Germany. The final blueprint witnessed the birth of an international currency which was devoid of a coherent sovereign power. The author's critique is informed by post-Keynesian theories of endogenous money. Lucarelli provides an essential contribution to the critique of the existing economic theories that continue to inform the evolution of the euro. In the absence of political union and a corresponding fiscal framework, the survival of the euro remains problematic. The imposition of harsh, neoliberal, austerity measures by the IMF/EU/ECB (Troika) on Europe's peripheral, deficit countries threaten the very existence of the euro-zone in its present form, and have set in motion powerful centrifugal forces, which could ultimately derail the entire post-war European project.


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