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Intersex, Theology, and the Bible

Troubling Bodies in Church, Text, and Society

  • Editors
  • Susannah Cornwall

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Introduction

    1. Susannah Cornwall
      Pages 1-26
  3. Biblical Approaches

  4. Pastoral and Practical Approaches

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 97-97
    2. Nathan Carlin
      Pages 99-119
  5. Theological Approaches

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 145-145
    2. Patricia Beattie Jung
      Pages 173-195
  6. Afterword

    1. John Hare
      Pages 197-209
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 211-241

About this book


Intersex bodies have been figured as troubling by doctors, parents, religious institutions and society at large. In this book, scholars draw on constructive and pastoral theologies, biblical studies, and sociology, suggesting intersex's capacity to 'trouble' is positive, challenging unquestioned norms and assumptions in religion and beyond.


biblical studies Christian theology death feminism Institution religion religiosity sociology theology

About the authors

Susannah Cornwall, University of Manchester, UK Nathan Carlin, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA Megan K. DeFranza, Gordon College, USA Sally Gross, Intersex South Africa, South Africa John Hare, University of Cambridge, UK Patricia Beattie Jung, Saint Paul School of Theology, USA Stephen Craig Kerry, Charles Darwin University, Australia Joseph A. Marchal, Ball State University, USA

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“This is a varied, interesting and uncomfortable compilation of essays, with applicability to everyone who is prepared to hear the voices and heed the challenges. It is a very valuable contribution to a lesser-known aspect of the field of theology and sexuality, and a necessary corrective to theologies – lesbian and gay as well as those orientated around heterosexuality – that have as their premise an unquestioned gender binary. I highly recommend this book.” (Jenny Gaffin, Modern Believing, Vol. 57 (4), 2016)

“Intersex, Theology, and the Bible: Troubling Bodies in Church, Text, and Society is a welcome collection of essays that gives insight into a neglected area in Christian discourse. … This text presents abundant, thoughtful insights for those working in medicine, education, pastoral care, and sociology. … fill a gap in Christianity’s reflection on God’s plan for our bodies, and is a significant step toward asking the initial questions in a vital conversation that is just warming up.” (Erik Lenhart, The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, 2016)