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The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

  • John Holmwood
  • John Scott

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. John Holmwood, John Scott
    Pages 1-2
  3. Lucinda Platt
    Pages 30-53
  4. Chris Renwick
    Pages 71-96
  5. Christopher T. Husbands
    Pages 155-188
  6. Baudry Rocquin
    Pages 189-210
  7. Charles Turner
    Pages 282-301
  8. Graham Crow
    Pages 374-395
  9. Geoff Payne
    Pages 413-436

About this book


Leading sociologists outline the historical development of the discipline in Britain and document its continuing influence in this essential and comprehensive reference work. Spanning the Scottish enlightenment of the 18th century to the present day this Handbook maps the discipline and  the British contribution.


community criminology Cultural Studies Cultural turn feminism methodology Metropole Nation poverty religion social research social theory social work sociology Tradition

Editors and affiliations

  • John Holmwood
    • 1
  • John Scott
    • 2
  1. 1.University of NottinghamUK
  2. 2.University of CopenhagenDenmark

About the editors

Wendy Bottero, University of Manchester, UK John D. Brewer, Queen's University, UK Eamonn Carrabine, University of Essex, UK Graham Crow, University of Edinburgh, UK Grace Davie, University of Exeter, UK Paul Edwards, University of Birmingham, UK John Eldridge, University of Glasgow, UK Mary Evans, London School of Economics, UK Christopher T. Husbands, London School of Economics, UK Stevi Jackson, University of York, UK Gregor McLennan, University of Bristol, UK Geoff Payne, Newcastle University, UK Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, UK Lucinda Platt, London School of Economics, UK Chris Renwick, University of York, UK Baudry Rocquin, University of Oxford, UK Mike Savage, London School of Economics, UK Sue Scott, University of York, UK Ian Shaw, University of York, UK John Solomos, University of Warwick, UK George Steinmetz, University of Michigan, US Charles Turner, University of Warwick, UK Stephen Turner, University of South Florida, US

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"This landmark collection takes stock of more than two centuries of intellectual work with importance for all of the social sciences, for sociology around the world, and for the self-understanding of British society. It is important as history, and important as a resource and orientation for the future." - Craig Calhoun, Director, London School of Economics, UK

"This is a book of extraordinary depth and scholarship. It sets a new standard for thinking historically about sociology in Britain, and is destined to become a classic in its field"- Nicholas Gane, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK

"Reflecting trends in its subject-matter the development of Sociology in the UK this multi-authored collection brings to bear the range and power of a team approach to provide both a wide range of attention and depth of treatment of manifold aspects of UK Sociology as a knowledge production system. Not only the academic work that has been produced across a range of crucial specialties in UK sociology is considered, but also how this has been affected changing crucial aspects of the UK cultural and societal context and disciplinary scholarly infrastructure. This adds up to a definitive & mature treatment." Charles Crothers, AUT University, New Zealand

"The history of sociology is an increasingly important branch of the field, presenting analyses in terms of long-running intellectual debates. This book, focusing on Britain but with broader relevance, makes a wonderful contribution. It deserves to be part of sociology teaching around the world."- Gary Wickham, Professor of Sociology, Murdoch University, Australia

"This interesting and very useful book investigates the empirical and theoretical origins of British sociology and explores the development of several popular subject areas over time. I highly recommended it for teachers and students alike." - Cherry Schrecker, Nancy Université, France