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Deconstructing Youth

Youth Discourses at the Limits of Sense


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Young people are regularly posited as a threat to social order and Deconstructing Youth explores why. Applying Derridean deconstruction to case studies on youth sexuality, violence and developmental neuroscience, Gabriel offers a fresh perspective on how we might attend to 'youth problems' by recasting the foundations of the concept of 'youth'.


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  1. 1.Monash UniversityAustralia

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Fleur Gabriel lectures in media and communication studies at Monash University, Australia.

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“Each chapter in this book is successful in highlighting the flawed logic and general ambivalence with which society approaches and conceptualizes the period of adolescence. … the content presented in the chapters was often thorough and well presented. Reading this book helps one to learn that the period of adolescence has been debated for many years, and continues to be a controversial topic.” (Victoria Carter, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Vol. 46, 2017)

“Deconstructing Youth: Youth Discourses at the Limits of Sense, by Fleur Gabriel, provides a compelling analytical account of the confounding presence that youth have in modern Western culture. The book is geared towards adults seeking to better understand the youth mind. … Gabriel’s work makes a significant contribution to the study of adolescence. Each chapter introduces highly debated topics surrounding the uncertain, undefinable identity of today’s modern youth.” (Jonathan M. Baker, Adolescent Research Review, Vol. 1, 2016)