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Inscription, Diagnosis, Deception and the Mental Health Industry

How Psy Governs Us All

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About this book


The Psy complex governs us all by inscribing, diagnosing and interfering in our lives. This volume takes historical, sociological and psychological perspectives in exploring the complicity of patients, professions and governments with Psy and attempts by all three to constrain the industry's activities.


Anti-psychology anti-psychiatry counselling psychotherapy clinical psychology critical psychology governmentality diagnosis individualism corruption inscription social role valorization critical mental health counseling health psychiatry psychology Therapie therapy

About the authors

Craig Newnes is a critic of the Psy industry who has edited and authored numerous books, book chapters and academic articles. He is Editor of The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy and was previously an editor of Clinical Psychology Forum. He was Director of Psychological Therapies for Shropshire's Community and Mental Health Services Trust and chair of the BPS Psychotherapy Section. He is the editor of the book series Critical Examinations, which included his book Clinical Psychology: A Critical Examination. He is an Honorary Lecturer at over a dozen universities. In 2005 he won the CCHR Award in Human Rights for over twenty years of speaking out about the Psy Complex.

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“This is a scholarly contribution that exposes, not for the first time but in a way that is accessible and enjoyable and up to date, how psychiatry and psychology works, the material conditions under which it has been formed and the forms of resistance that might be elaborated to combat it.” (Professor Ian Parker, The Psychologist, Vol. 29 (5), May, 2016)