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Aquinas’s Philosophy of Religion


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About this book


This is an exploration and analysis of Aquinas's contribution to the philosophy of religion. It examines Aquinas's contexts, his views on philosophy and theology, as well as faith and reason. His arguments for God's existence, responses to objections against God's existence and his characterization of the nature of God are examined.


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  1. 1.Trinity College DublinIreland

About the authors

Paul O'Grady is a lecturer in philosophy and Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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“In this very readable work, the philosophical contribution of Aquinas is examined. This include his studies on faith and reason as well as his famous arguments for the existence of God. … This is a really well argued case in defence of Aquinas’s philosophy of religion.” (Pravin Thevathasan, Catholic Medical Quarterly, 2015)