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Deschooling L’earning

Young Adults and the New Spirit of Capitalism


Part of the Policy and Practice in the Classroom book series (PPC)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 1-20
  3. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 21-43
  4. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 44-64
  5. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 65-82
  6. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 83-102
  7. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 103-124
  8. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 125-150
  9. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 151-171
  10. Michael Singh, Bobby Harreveld
    Pages 172-181
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 182-209

About this book


This book explores reforms to young adults' schooling that mobilise capital friendly learning-and-earning (l'earning) webs. It argues that deschooling l'earning builds young adults' commitment to modern modes of capital accumulation, gives insights into how they can secure their future, and reassures them that this can serve the common good.


democracy learning reforms schooling

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.University of Western SydneyAustralia
  2. 2.Central Queensland UniversityAustralia

About the authors

Author Michael Singh: Michael Singh is a Professor at the Centre for Educational Research in the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

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"The promise of Singh and Harreveld is that in breaking down structural barriers in learning, and placing student agency right at the centre of our thinking, a new kind of democratised economy can emerge an economy in which both private good and public good will advance, without the perpetual conflict between them which seems inescapable in the world we presently inhabit. Deschooling L'earning is an original, forward thinking and highly stimulating book, at one and the same time both radically mainstream and deeply subversive." - Simon Marginson, Professor of International Higher Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

"This book brings the long awaited notion of deschooling learning and earning to the forefront of young adults' life/work transitions. Its innovative analysis of vocationally oriented learning talks to the diverse and intersecting issues of organisations seeking to recognise individual pathways and achievements." - Lori Hocking, Chief Executive Officer, VETnetwork, Australia

"This research by Singh and Harreveld crosses the disciplines of education and sociology to examine the emerging and intersecting trajectories of schooling, leadership and workplace learning/training. Based on decades of research and reflection, they present the challenges of the deschooling phenomena for young adults that has emerged as a consequence of multiple new providers of education, training and work. Theirs is a necessary cautionary voice that will help educators be more discerning navigators of educational policies and practices." - Mary Kalantzis, Dean, College of Education, University of Illinois, USA

"Singh and Harreveld have produced an empirically-based, internationally significant analysis which examines the ways in which secondary schooling is changing in response to global and local influences of capitalism. In moving beyond debates about retention, the authors offer practical directions about the ways in which secondary schooling needs to change in order to better meet the needs of young adults in these turbulent times. This is a book that should be read by all principals, teachers, parents, and researchers interested in understanding how to advance real options for young adults' education, training and work and their post-school destinations." - Professor Michele Simons, President of Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association, and Dean, School of Education, University of Western Sydney, Australia