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The Handbook of Global Agricultural Markets

The Business and Finance of Land, Water, and Soft Commodities

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This book is a one-stop reference for practitioners and academics in finance, business and economics, providing a holistic reference to the international agriculture business. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, looking at the issues, opportunities and investable themes in the global agricultural space, combining research and practical tools.


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About the authors

Luc Nijs is the founder, chairman and group CEO of The Talitha Group, a global merchant banking group and global investment holding. Before founding The Talitha Group he was with Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. Luc further provides extensive advisory, executive coaching and financial training for corporations, investment funds and financial institutions and is active in over 160 countries worldwide on a wide array of strategy, investments and capital allocation issues.

He held academic positions in international taxation, finance and capital markets at UAMS/IPO (Belgium), Instituto de Empresa (Spain) and most recently the Aizkraukles Banka Chair in investment banking, private equity and entrepreneurial finance at the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia).

Luc is fluent in Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish and is competent in Russian and Chinese.

Luc previously authored the best-selling book 'Shaping Tomorrow's Marketplace: Investment Philosophies for Emerging Markets and a Semi-Globalized World' as well as the equally if not more appreciated 'Mezzanine Finance: Tools, Applications and Total Return'.

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