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Great Power Peace and American Primacy

The Origins and Future of a New International Order


Part of the Palgrave Studies In International Relations book series (PSIR)

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This book explains the period of great power peace in the last fifty years and outlines the path to perpetuating it. Drawing on the Realist tradition and challenging conventional wisdom about the causes of American primacy, Baron explores contributions to peace made by the balance of power, nuclear weapons, democracy and globalization.


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Joshua Baron is a researcher, lecturer, and consultant on international and interpersonal conflict. He advises groups on how to achieve and maintain healthy levels of conflict. His work has been published by, among others, Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, and International Studies Review.

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"Joshua Baron has a profound understanding of how power works and how to make it work better. In Great Power Peace and American Primacy, he advances prophetic, provocative, and worldly arguments about the future of political order, stability, and peace. This is top-notch work on a grand scale by a formidable and ingenious thinker." - Joseph M. Parent, University of Miami, USA