Epistemologies of African Conflicts

Violence, Evolutionism, and the War in Sierra Leone

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  • Zubairu Wai

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    Pages i-xvii
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    Pages 1-14
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    Pages 15-57
  4. Zubairu Wai
    Pages 59-91
  5. Zubairu Wai
    Pages 93-112
  6. Zubairu Wai
    Pages 113-170
  7. Zubairu Wai
    Pages 227-230
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 231-263

About this book


This book offers a bold, ground-breaking epistemological critique of the dominant discourses on African conflicts. Based on a painstaking study of the ways in which the Sierra Leone civil war has been interpreted, it considers how Africa is constructed as a site of knowledge and the implications that this has for the continent and its people.


Civil War conflict conflicts knowledge violence

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