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Cuba Under Siege

American Policy, the Revolution and Its People

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About this book


For more than 50 years America's unrelenting hostility toward the Cuban Revolution has resulted in the development of a siege mentality among island leadership and its citizens. In a vibrant new look at Cuban-American relations, Keith Bolender analyzes the effects this has had on economic, cultural, and political life.


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About the authors

KEITH BOLENDER is a freelance journalist living in Toronto, Canada and has written extensively on Cuban matters for a variety of North American publications. He is author of Voices From the Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba. He is also a lecturer on the Cuban Revolution at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education and a member of the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), where he is on their roster of experts for Cuban Affairs.

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"Informed and judicious, this thoughtful study lifts the veil from some of the most shameful, and dangerous, episodes of recent American history, at the same time yielding valuable and penetrating insight into Cuban society and its current evolution, and not least into our own."

Noam Chomsky

"An excellent and provocative analysis of US policy to destroy the Cuban revolution and the siege mentality it has produced, on both sides of the Florida Straits. Essential reading for all who want to understand the absurdities of US foreign policy to Cuba and the need to change it. Well documented and clearly argued, this book is a first-rate study of a failed US strategy more than five decades and 11 presidents later."

John M. Kirk, Dalhousie University, Canada