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Counterfactuals and Scientific Realism


Part of the New Directions in the Philosophy of Science book series (NDPS)

Table of contents

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  2. Michael J. Shaffer
    Pages 1-10
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    Pages 11-46
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    Pages 47-100
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    Pages 101-144
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    Pages 194-209

About this book


The author attempts to show that scientific realism is compatible with the presence of idealization in the sciences. His main contention is that idealized theories can be treated as counterfactuals about how things are in worlds that are similar to but simpler than the actual world.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.St. Cloud State UniversityUSA

About the authors

MICHAEL SHAFFER is Associate Professor of Philosophy at St. Cloud State University, USA. He is the author of The Experimental Turn and the Methods of Philosophy, co-editor of What Place for the A Priori? and has published many articles about epistemology, logic and the philosophy of science.

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