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Soul Thieves

The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of African American Popular Culture

  • Editors
  • Tamara Lizette Brown
  • Baruti N. Kopano

Part of the Contemporary Black History book series (CBH)

About this book


Considers the misappropriation of African American popular culture through various genres, largely Hip Hop, to argue that while such cultural creations have the potential to be healing agents, they are still exploited -often with the complicity of African Americans- for commercial purposes and to maintain white ruling class hegemony.


Comic culture politics technology

About the authors

Dr. Kimberly Brown, Alabama State University, USA Kawachi Clemons, Florida A & M University, USA Ronald L. Jackson, II, University of Cincinnati, USA Dr. Carlos D. Morrison, Alabama State University, USA Dr. Abena Lewis-Mhoon, Coppin State University, USA Jamal L. Ratchford, University of Indianapolis, USA Diarra Osei Robertson, Bowie State University, USA James B. Stewart, Penn State, USA David Taft Terry, Morgan State University, USA

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“Soul Thieves is a collection of essays that critically weighs the consequences of appropriating black culture. … The volume has broad appeal and informs academics how black material culture is conversant with many of the same discourses as conventional historical narratives. … Soul Thieves is a welcomed addition to interdisciplinary fields, African American studies in particular.” (Kameelah L. Martin, Journal of American Culture, Vol. 102 (3), December, 2015)

"This ground breaking interdisciplinary publication is long overdue and offers deep insight into the efficacy of African American popular culture and it's critical impact on shaping artistic cultural production on a global scale. The contributors, leading scholars in their respective research areas, set the record straight through their thought provoking and accessible historical research." - Melanye White Dixon, Associate Professor, Department of Dance, The Ohio State University, USA