Political Resurrection in the Twentieth Century

The Fall and Rise of Political Leaders

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  • Leslie Derfler

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  2. Charles De Gaulle: “The Crossing of The Desert”

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  3. Juan Domingo PerÓn: “We Need to Get the Unions to Come Here, Right Away”

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      Pages 71-71
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      Pages 73-94
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      Pages 95-109
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      Pages 137-158
  4. Pierre Elliott Trudeau: “Reason Over Passion”

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      Pages 159-160
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      Pages 161-194
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      Pages 195-211
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      Pages 213-224
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      Pages 225-243
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      Pages 245-251
  5. Back Matter
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Charles de Gaulle of France, Juan Perón of Argentina, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada all achieved the pinnacle of political power, fell from or relinquished power, and then, after a period in the political wilderness, regained their power. By placing greater emphasis than that customarily accorded by biographers on the interment that followed their fall and preceded their resurrection, Derfler describes what they did, the lessons they learned, and the mistakes made by their successors that facilitated their reentry.


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