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The Antimafia

Italy’s Fight Against Organized Crime

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About this book


This exploration of the full diversity of the Italian Antimafia draws on primary sources and interviews to provide the first complete analysis of social, political and grassroots efforts since 1992. This fascinating study looks at Antimafia initiatives within the context of international initiatives against organized crime.


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About the authors

ALISON JAMIESON is a freelance author and consultant who has written extensively in English and Italian on issues of political violence, organized crime and drugs. She was born and educated in Scotland but began her career in London, where she worked as a security consultant. She moved to Italy in 1984. Her books include The Heart Attacked: Terrorism and Conflict in the Italian State, and Terrorism and Drug Trafficking in the 1990s. She has published widely in UK and US journals. From 1992 to 1997 she was a regular guest lecturer at the NATO Defence College in Rome.

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'...the first complete analysis of the successes and failures of the Italian Antimafia.' - Crime and Justice International

'...a hallmark since it uses primary sources, the latest data and interviews with senior judges, politicians, police officers and relatives of mafia victims, including the courageous women of the grassroots antimafia movement.' - Don DeNevi, Palo Alto Daily News

'Jamieson's book is the best available general account of the contemporary Mafia and Italian organized crime; it is well argued and documented, and terrifying by implication...together with Alexander Stille's Excellent Cadavers and Patrick McCarthy's Crisis of the Italian State, it is one of the best recent books on contemporary Italy.' - Robert Fox, Times Literary Supplement