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Latin America, Media, and Revolution

Communication in Modern Mesoamerica

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This book compares rebel media use in three Mesoamerican rebellions: the Nicaraguan Revolution, the Salvadoran civil war and the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico. Directly comparing media use in all three rebellions provides a richer understanding of the role of media in social change, particularly violent change.


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About the authors

JUANITA DARLING is Assistant Professor of Communications, CSU Monterey Bay, USA. 

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"Darling s book is a valuable addition to the literature of both Latin America and its history. Her book immerses the reader into the unique field of comparative studies of revolutions - something, she claims correctly, not usually the providence of journalism studies - by considering not just the communication medium chosen by the revolutionaries but the content of the media message. The book serves as an important addition to the dearth of Latin American media studies and should be a catalyst for discussion across the interdisciplinary spectrum." - American Journalism