Wittgenstein’s Copernican Revolution

The Question of Linguistic Idealism

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  • İlham Dilman

Part of the Swansea Studies in Philosophy book series (SWSP)

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    Pages 1-17
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    Pages 57-82
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    Pages 96-109
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    Pages 172-205
  6. İlham Dilman
    Pages 206-219
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 220-226

About this book


Wittgenstein's Copernican Revolution is concerned with how one is to conceive of the relation between language and reality without embracing Linguistic Realism and without courting any form of Linguistic Idealism either. It argues that this is precisely what Wittgenstein does and also examines some well known contemporary philosophers who have been concerned with this same question.


language Ludwig Wittgenstein philosophy realism

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