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Leadership Landscapes

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About this book


Recent leadership books have focused on how to lead where tasks are internal and relationships between companies are straightforward market or buy-sell transactions. Things have now changed dramatically. This book looks at large-scale organizations and networks, and considers applied leadership theory appropriate to the 21st century.


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About the authors

TOM CUMMINGS received his BA from the University of Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, USA, and an MPhil. from Imperial College at the University of London. From 1987 to 1992, Cummings was an academic at IMD International in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he co-directed the workshop on Business
Alliances. Over the past twenty years, he has held or contributed to Leadership and Senior Management Development positions in dozens of world-class companies in a variety of industries. He is an expert in the design and delivery of global, top class executive development programmes as well as in the facilitation of management board retreats. Cummings holds Board positions at the Society for Organization Learning Council in Boston and at Progressio Foundation and Common Purpose in The Netherlands. He has been visiting faculty member at leading European business schools including INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France), TSM Business School and Nyenrode Business School in The Netherlands. He also speaks regularly at conferences and workshops on executive development.

JIM KEEN earned his doctorate at Harvard University, USA, and has previously held teaching appointments at Harvard, Lesley University, and also at Monmouth University where he held the Milicent Fenwick Distinguished Chair. Keen also served as Executive Director of the Governor's School of New Jersey, as chairman of the board of the international center for integrative studies and as Dean and Vice-President of Antioch College. He has been coaching for more than thirty years with clients from the business world, the public sector and academia. Keen is the co-author of Common Fire.

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'Tom Cummings has brought a new perspective to our executives and our business, which really changed the way our leaders view their jobs. His work has helped our leaders to be conscious of the shifts in our industry landscape so that we can respond faster and better.' Val Gooding, Chief Executive, BUPA

"I found the book Leadership Landscapes absolutely riveting. The landscapes way of thinking is extremely powerful. As I went on, I found myself having quite a few Eureka! moments." Jean-François Rischard, Former Vice-President for Europe, The World Bank; Author of bestseller: High Noon 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them?

"This is an inspiring book. It provides good medicine for an increasingly complex world, where we need more inspired leadership and a path across many landscapes to get us there." Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, European Climate Foundation and former Member of Dutch Parliament

"There is no shortage of books about 'leadership' but this one is worth it because it prompts in us recognition of something deep in human consciousness about our relationship with others, as well as provides some new ideas and perspectives." Christine Loh, CEO, Civic Exchange

"It's a travellers guide for the modern CEO, full of encouraging stories and cautionary tales - hints for doing and ways of being. If you're thinking of taking your business beyond predictable terrain, it's well worth packing on the journey." David Pearl, Managing Partner, The Pearl Group

"Concise but integrative, well-researched but practical, Leadership Landscapes is for anyone serious about understanding and practicing leadership in its inner and outer dimensions." Richard A. Couto, Ed. Reflections on Leadership; Senior Scholar, James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership.

"Leadership Landscapes clearly shows that there is nothing as practical as a good theory. Well grounded in practice the authors show where the future of leadership is going. A must read!" Fons Trompenaars, author global business bestseller Riding the Waves of Culture and Servant Leadership across Cultures