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Added Value

The alchemy of brand-led growth

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About this book


This book is based upon the operating system of the company, Added Value, founded by the author, and now one of the world's largest marketing and branding consultancies. Two-thirds of the value of most companies is based on the intangible value of businesses including reputation, goodwill and know how. It is by marketing that reputation can be created and enhanced thus unlocking brand growth. With the use of many examples and case studies the author shows how the five I's process - Insight, Ideas, Innovation, Impact and Investment Return - can be used to create top-line demand-led growth and the tools and techniques available to achieve this. This is a unique approach with proven success.


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About the authors

MARK SHERRINGTON began his career at Unilever where he ran many of the biggest household brands, including Persil, and went on to become a Marketing Director and global category manager. In 1988 he founded Added Value, the leading marketing consultancy, which by 2001 employed 400 people in eight countries around the world with a fee income of $75 million. He is now Global Marketing Director at SABMiller plc.

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'Hats off to Mark Sherrington for being the 21st century evangelist for truly great marketing!' - Hirotaka Takeuchi, Dean, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo

'Mark Sherrington has done it all - big corporate assignments at home and abroad, and joint founder of one of the world's most exciting marketing consultancy companies. Here is his book about how to do it based on how he's done it - a mind-expanding read and the kind of practical guide to great marketing that you've been looking for.' - Andrew Seth, former CEO of Lever Brothers, and Chairman of Added Value

'This book is a must read for both senior and junior executives who are seeking growth...In too many businesses marketing is not seen as the driving force of growth. This is a missed opportunity for both the business and the marketing function. Many of the insights and learnings in the book have been used in my business, with Mark's help, with strong success and excellent results. I hope my competitors don't read it.' - Keith Weed, Chairman, Lever Faberge

'Added Value does what it says on the packet. At last, a practical guide for Marketing in the 21st century. Few people can match Mark's blend of commercial experience and creative intellect and even fewer can describe how to make a company marketing-led in such a simple but profound way. Read and apply: you'll find your organisation stronger for it.' - Martin Glenn, President, Walkers Snacks Ltd

'A great read. Mark Sherrington comes alive from the page! It's not only loaded with practical approaches to marketing and some fascinating case studies, but is interwoven with Sherrington's unique ability to inspire by seeing business opportunity from a different perspective...A brilliant book and a must read not only for any marketing professional, but for anyone who wants to add value to their business.' - Alan McWalter, former Marketing Director of Marks & Spencer

Based on his unique perspective from leading one of the world's top marketing consultancies, Mark Sherrington has crafted a book that will inform and inspire marketers regardless of their background or experience. Added Value is the best kind of business book - creative, well reasoned, and practical. The 5 I's process that is outlined will unquestionably make you a better and more successful marketer.' - Professor Kevin Lane Keller, Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

'I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who's interested in strategy. I particularly recommend it for any advertising planners, because it looks at the entire marketing discipline and its role for businesses. It cleverly debunks many of the myths we hear about marketing and...talks a great deal of common sense and covers key issues, such as innovation. It also discusses impact, return on investment and measurement in an interesting way. It talks about the importance of ideas, looks at insight and clarifies where research can help - and when it hinders. And it wraps all this up in a fascinating way with some good analogies and real-life examples.' - John Wood, Managing Director, bds beechwood, Marketing

'...this is a highly readable, engaging and practical book about real marketing and what it can achieve in successful growth for a wide range of businesses. Mark Sherrington writes with the wit and wisdom of someone who has been there, done that, consulted on it, made the mistakes and lived to tell a good tale...packed with examples and excellent practitioner-based book for those interested in marketing and company growth...Mr Sherrington has a gift for simplifying complexity and jargon. His summaries of 'The Stuff That Gets in The Way' at the end of each chapter are a particular triumph. So many great ideas get blocked by corporate politics and lack of determined implementation. It is refreshing to have this practical and wise perspective here - and indeed throughout the book.' - Rita Clifton, Chairman of Interbrand, The Financial Times

'Sherrington reveals where to look for innovation and, importantly, how to realise when you've found it...It doesn't matter what industry or sector you operate in, strategy encounters the same problems. Sherrington offers ways of doing things differently, using examples from his own experience. Each page contains gems. An inspiring read, written with flair and humour.' - Marketing Business