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India and the IT Revolution

Networks of Global Culture

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The 'Indian Techie' has become a global icon, taking its place alongside McDonalds and MTV as one of the key symbols of contemporary globalization. India and the IT Revolution explores the contemporary emergence of cosmopolitan, high-tech India as marking the arrival of a truly global cyberculture. It argues against the notion that globalization is a process of 'Westernization', which radiates out unilaterally from the core, imposing itself upon a passive, backward periphery. Instead, it conceives of global culture as a dynamic, innovative network, which proceeds primarily from its edges.


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ANNA GREENSPAN is an independent scholar working in the areas of digital culture and globalization, focusing particularly on Asia's giants, India and China. Anna currently spends her time teaching and writing in both Canada and Shanghai. She is a founding member of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit.

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