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A Philosophical Analysis of Hope

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About this book


Despite the familiarity of hope in human experience, it is a phenomenon infrequently considered from a philosophical point of view. This book charts the centrality of hope in thought and action from first, second and third person perspectives. From everyday situations to extreme circumstances of trial and endings in life, the contours of hope are given a phenomenological description and subjected to conceptual analysis. This consistently secular account of hope sheds a different light on questions of agency and meaning.


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About the authors

JAYNE WATERWORTH held posts at the Nationa University of Singapore and University of Umeå, Sweden. She contributed to chapters to Vidgade Vyer: Globalt Perspektiv på Idéhistoria and Palliativ Vard; Etiska Och Filosofiska Aspekter. Her areas of research interest include medical and bioethics, moral psychology, philosophy in youth education and political philosophy.

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