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Civil Antisemitism, Modernism, and British Culture, 1902–1939

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This book addresses the development of 'civil' anti-Semitism in twentieth-century Britain, a crucial and often critically neglected strand of anti-Jewish rhetoric that, prior to 1934, was essential to the legitimization of proto-fascist political and literary discourses, as well as stylistic practices within literary modernism.


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Lara Trubowitz is an assistant professor of English at the University of Iowa.

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"[Civil Antisemitism, Modernism, and British Culture, 1902-1939] contains some crucial insights into our study of antisemitism and modernism. Civil Antisemitism moves us away from the discussion of Jewish stereotype to a method that reveals a hidden and complicated rhetoric regarding Jews, and it opens up a new realm of investigation for those interested in Woolf and Jews. It is a worthy book because its methodology serves as a model for further investigations into the impact of Jews and Jewishness on Woolf and her modernist contemporaries." - Woolf Studies Annual