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Redrawing the Map of Europe


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Michael Emerson draws on a rare experience of Europe's new political and economic structures - from Brussels to Moscow - to explain Europe's contradictory tendencies towards both integration and conflict. He confronts the two strategic issues for the Europe of the early 21st century: how to ensure success for the Euro and how to stabilise the wider Europe with a strong structure for EU-Russian relations. He draws distinctions between the different Europes - geographic Europe, the European Union, 'Security Europe' (based around NATO) and the emerging 'Civil Europe'. The author argues that 'Civil Europe' could be the basis of a new European golden age, and outlines the far-reaching institutional and cultural changes required to achieve this.


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  1. 1.Centre for Economic PerformanceLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceUK

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MICHAEL EMERSON was born in 1940 and graduated in philosophy, politics and economics at Balliol College, Oxford in 1962. In the 1980s, working for the European Commission in Brussels, he was responsible for a number of seminal works on European integration, notably on the single market and single currency. In 1991 he went to Moscow as first ambassador of the European Union to the Soviet Union and subsequently Russia. After returning from Moscow in 1996 he joined the Centre for Economics Performance of the London School of Economics. Emerson holds honorary doctorates at the universities of Kent and Keele. His previous books include One Market, One Money, The Economics of 1992 and What Model for Europe?

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'A very inspiring book. A major intellectual achievement.'- Erkki Liikanen, Member of the European Commission

'This book will cause quite a stir in European circles as it is rare in being both challenging and highly informed.' - Andrew Duff, Director, Federal Trust

'Michael Emerson's new map of Europe skilfully integrates post-Cold war reality with long-standing trends in European politics, economics, society and culture. The book is a highly original piece of scholarship. It is also of immense relevance to the current European policy debate.' - Peter Ludlow, Director, Centre for European Policy Studies

' his brief and brilliant new study of European integration...Mr Emerson writes with a directness that makes his new book one of the best introductions available to what might best be called the European project.' - The Economist