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Chaucer’s Women

Nuns, Wives and Amazons

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    Pages i-xvi
  2. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 14-29
  3. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 30-39
  4. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 66-83
  5. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 84-105
  6. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 106-130
  7. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 131-155
  8. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 156-188
  9. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 189-217
  10. Priscilla Martin
    Pages 218-230
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 231-254

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In this challenging study Priscilla Martin investigates the subjects of women, sex and gender in Chaucer's poetry. She argues convincingly that these are Chaucer's major subjects and that he presents them as an area of human experience fraught with problems. Women, instead of producing texts and meanings themselves, are trapped in the books and meanings of others, and so the Madonna and the courtly heroine, the nun and the wife, are familiar but questionable images of constructed femininity. ' intelligent, sensitive, fresh and close reading which focuses upon Chaucer's women ... unconventional and subtle' - John J.McGavin, Times Higher Education Supplement


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