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Aspects of European Monetary Integration

The Politics of Convergence


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  2. European Monetary Integration: Reasons and Consequences

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      Pages 1-1
    2. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 3-29
    3. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 30-48
    4. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 49-65
  3. The Notion of Convergence

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      Pages 67-72
    2. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 73-105
    3. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 106-137
    4. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 138-168
    5. Alison M. S. Watson
      Pages 188-200
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This book provides a thorough knowledge of the nature of the convergence criteria which states must meet in order to qualify for accession to the future Economic and Monetary Union of Europe and comprehensive coverage of both the economic and political rationale of the criteria within the framework of an international political economy approach. Thus, throughout the course of the analysis, three questions in particular are addressed: first, what is the relationship between the economics and politics of the convergence criteria; second, how do domestic and international factors impact upon their future realisation; and third what, overall, is the role of the state. This book gives valuable insights into the Economic and Monetary Union debate.


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