Survival Psychology

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About this book


' should be made standard reading for those dealing with disaster/survival situations, it is also very informative in helping the general reader understand the psychology of survivors...The text makes compulsive reading and the book is hard to put down. It is worth examining, no matter where your professional interest lies.'- Duncan MacPaul, Nursing Times. Why do so many people die without need? How can an exceptional few survive extraordinarily harsh conditions sometimes after months or years of deprivation? Recent years have seen remarkable improvements in survival training and technology, yet most people still perish quickly in the face of adversity. In this book John Leach seeks to answer these questions by considering the psychology of human survival; how groups and individuals behave before, during and after life threatening events. Both short and long-term survival are addressed as well as the psychological consequences of hunger, thirst, cold, heat, crowding, isolation, fatigue and sleep deprivation. The essence of this work is distilled into a set of principles for psychological first-aid for use in the field.


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