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Creativity and Cultural Production

Issues for Media Practice

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  2. Theories about Creativity and Cultural Production

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  3. Issues for Media Practice

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      Pages 87-87
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About this book


Phillip McIntyre presents the latest scholarly research into creativity and creative practice. The book provides insights to media practitioners and policy professionals, looking at television, radio, film, journalism, photography, popular music and new media in relation to psychology, sociology and cultural studies.


Cultural Studies film journalism media methods new media photography radio television

About the authors

PHILLIP MCINTYRE Lecturer in Communication at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he is Head of Discipline for Communication and Media. His research interest is in creativity and innovation, and he has been a music journalist, video and record producer, songwriter and musician. He has written for the journals Popular Music, Media International Australia and Creativity Research Journal.

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'This is a pioneering and thorough examination of creativity and cultural production. It brings together a vast array of knowledge, critical analysis and insight to the field of creativity and cultural studies. It will be essential reading for anyone involved in popular music and media practices in journalism, television and photography, including academia, industry, researchers and policy makers and debaters. This book is appropriate for use and essential reading on university undergraduate and postgraduate media courses, as well as those who study and practice the different forms of creativity in the larger community. It will not ask you to think only positively about change, but will ask you to think anew about our experiential and conceptual understanding of creativity. It deserves to be widely read.' - Pamela Burnard, University of Cambridge, UK

'Drawing from the experiences of practitioners, Phillip McIntyre interrogates the varied disputes about creativity, and argues for a shift away from person-centred approaches to theorizing creative practice. This bold and challenging book de-romanticises the artist, proposing that understanding creativity should entail studying the operations of media systems, rather than the talented individuals so often portrayed as at odds with such systems.' - Keith Negus, Glodsmiths, University of London, UK

'This scholarly book is innovative and absolutely necessary to further our understanding of contemporary media practices. McIntyre aligns with the contemporary conception of creativity as a socially contextualized practice, rather than a personality type or a moment of insight. He develops a comprehensive overview of these contemporary frameworks, and then uses them to analyze contemporary media practices in radio, journalism, television, film, photography, and popular music. This is a valuable book for scholars of media production, and for scholars interested in creativity in general.' - Keith Sawyer, Associate Professor at Washington University, USA, and author of Explaining Creativity and Group Genius