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Secrecy and Sapphic Modernism

Reading Romans à Clef between the Wars

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Novels by significant Modernist authors can be described as romans à clef , providing insight into restrictions governing the representation of female homosexuality in the early twentieth century. Nair argues that key novels of the period represented same-sex desire through the encryption of personal references directed towards coterie audiences.


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SASHI NAIR is based at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests include queer and feminist literary studies, modernist women's writing, and intersections between queer and postcolonial writing in male and female-authored texts of the early twentieth century. She has published articles on Sapphic modernism and Chaucer's 'Troilus and Criseyde'.  

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'Sashi Nair brings a theoretically deft hand to the literature of lesbian modernity. In persuasive, readable, and scholarly prose, Secrecy and Sapphic Modernism brings recent queer theoretical work on affect and normativity into dialogue with concepts of public, private, and counter-publics through artful close readings and rigorous archival work. A strong contribution to the field.' - Deborah Cohler, Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies, San Francisco State University, USA