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Medical Analogy in Latin Satire


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Offering fresh readings of numerous Neo-Latin texts, Medical Analogy in Latin Satire provides an introduction to medical issues in the tradition of Latin satire. The book explores what functions physical diseases and peculiarities had in early modern satires and how satire was considered as a form of healing instruction.


Ovid Renaissance Tradition

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SARI KIVISTÖ works as a Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her publications include three books on satire, ancient literature and culture, a dissertation on The Letters of Obscure Men, articles on classical traditions and history of rhetoric, and numerous translations from Latin into Finnish.

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' Medical Analogy in Latin Satire charts the long and varied history of the satiric commonplace that the pathology of moral and intellectual vice may be understood by the analogy of bodily disease, negotiating the maze of Humanist paradoxography and the Menippean world of mock encomia while unlocking the treasure house of various humanist anthologies, including Dornau's vast Amphitheatrum sapientiae Socraticae joco-seriae (1619). No student of satire, verse or Menippean, classical or Renaissance, can afford to ignore or fail to be instructed by Kivistö's industry and insight.' - Joel C. Relihan, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, USA